Hey Guys, I am very excited to have my own website. Anyway to get my music out to more people is a good thing, right? Well, I don't have alot to say except I wanted to thank Ronald Jenkees for all of his support and getting me more exposure. He's the most amazing musician on YouTube and I think he's a really good guy also. If you haven't heard of him, you owe it to yourself to check out his music. He has a way of creating the most intricate melodies that are still amazing catchy. Well, I digress, take it easy guys and thanks for checking out my stuff. I'm working on a new one right now and it should be ready pretty soon.

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  • Jakub:

    Hi Matthew. Thank you for your music. I really like your playing. I am from Czech Republik. I wish you many more great songs. Bay.
    Jakub (James) called a Mole.

  • I have loved your music since I heard the first song you uploaded on Youtube. I immediately emailed that song to my friends. Now, you continue to bless us with not only more mesmerizing music, but you are multi-talented. I love the piano. And you are by far one of the most gifted musicians I know. Thanks.

  • Restigin:

    your an inspiration
    I feel like playing my guitar once more

  • Gabriel:

    Hi dude, I`m from Brazil and I was just listening to some musics in you tube and I saw one of your videos (the double neck guitar tapping) and I it was just outstanding, I had never seen anything like this before and I`ve just downloaded all of your songs and instantly shared it with one of my friends. Congratulations man and I really hope to see you soon here in Brazil sharing your songs your talent with us and with the rest of the world. Keep it up and you will surely be successful.

  • Katrin:

    Hey Matthew, love your work. 
    I donated $10 dollars for the music download and noticed only 'when words fail' downloaded.

  • Robert Garth:

    I just downloaded your music from the site. Found you on youtube as well. I've already shared this with coworkers and friends. I've been prompted to make them CDs from your recordings. Please keep up the work, experiment, & do not stop putting out music!

  • Chief Wolfheart:

    "Stupid Matt"( I really didn't like that name you called  yourself)
    Haven't heard from you in quite some time. Glad to see that you're still at it. You really kick some butt on the guitar man. Stay with it !!!!!

  • i just love to sing and i need an awesome to play songs… can someone tell me a book or something different to start?

  • RnR:

    Hey there! I checked out your guitar video – wow! It's awesome! I'm looking for new talents as the company I work for is hosting "Melt My Face" guitar competition at the time. There is nothing difficult for you to post youtube code of your video here: http://www.randrworld.com/guitar-competition.php , and ask your friends to vote for it. I'm sure you have great chances to win a feature in Guitar International Magazine and numerous sets of strings courtesy of Ernie Ball! So don't loose your chance!

    I believe you can win

    Good luck ))

  • Callisto:

    Man, Matt your music speaks very loudly to me, more than vocals and lyrics ever could. I love putting it on when I'm down or having a rough day it cheers me right the fuck up. I tried to donate, but the pay pal thing wont let me for some reason. Is anyone else having this problem?

  • Eric:

    Matt, wow. I just purchased the C-8 and you have truly opened my eyes to what is possible with this beauty. Your music is amazing and transcends genres. I felt sad at times, but mostly truly lifted to somewhere where I want to be. Thank you my friend, please keep in touch if you find the time.
    I would donate but now I'm broke from the Schecter! lol, take care and keep it up-you're a new voice in music that deserves to be heard.

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