Just thought I would share some of my hobbies. One of my main hobbies is fish tank keeping. I've kept probably 20 tanks over the past few years. I really enjoy the tranquility of fish and the work it takes to keep them. Here are a couple pictures of tanks I've kept during the past few years. I've kept octopuses, full reef, live planted aquariums…. too many to even list. Take a look, let me know what you think!


24 Gallon Nano Cube


24 Gallon Nano Cube


200 Gallon Full Reef


200 Gallon Reef

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  • Lovely tanks. Octopus are such incredible creatures, I think. They have a keen intelligence and have been known to show a definite ability to use reason to solve problems. Such as learning how to remove the lid from a jar containing live food.
    Perhaps the peacefulness and serenity you find in creating small underwater worlds, also inspires some of you music? Both have the ability to open the spirit and the mind to a place when the outside world fades away and the inner world is foremost.

  • tom:

    Very nice tanks Matt.  I kept marine aquariums for many years.  Worked my way through college cleaning tanks for a number of people in Long Beach Yuck!.  I can see the conditions you have created are really fostering healthy coral. It is funny that aquariums can be very relaxing until you see a grown man running around the tank with a 5 gallon bucket with great concern a 500.00 fish is not looking well. I have since migrated to keeping birds.  http://gouldians.net/  I am most amazed the way you are keeping such a nice reef in a 24gal tank.  It's not easy to keep them happy with such a limited amount of water.
    Thanks for the great music.

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