Well, I have many guitars but here are the guitars/amps that I am currently fond of.


Schecter ATX C-8



This guitar is truly amazing, it's mostly thought of as a "metal guitar" but has a really nice clean tone. It comes loaded with locking tuners. Duncan Blackouts, Ebony fretboard and neck through design. My favorite guitar, no question.


Schecter C-1 Classic

A steal for the price. The fit and finish on this one is really great. It comes with Seymour Duncan pickups, locking tuners and a beautiful fret design. Great tone for both distortion and clean stuff.


Vox VT-50 Amp


Very cool amp. Nice tone, gets plenty loud and has tons of amp sims that I never use. Does what it's supposed to! I use it only for practice when I need to hear my guitar outside of my headphones.


Boss ME-70 Pedal


What a great pedal! I use only this pedal directly to my interface for all recording. The amp sims are amazing and it has a "retro" feel with analog knobs (which I like). It's built like a tank and can withstand a beating!


Well, that's what I am using currently. I have other guitars but they aren't really in use right now. Like I said, I use the Boss pedal directly into my Tascam interface and that's how I get my tone. I'm quite happy with such a simple setup. It does the job.

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  • Matt Hambrick:

    My man, have you sent any of your stuff into Candyrat?
    I think you can play just about as well as Mckee or Don Ross.

  • Inception7:

    Oh no, I'm not looking to be signed. Thanks though, that's a huge compliment!

  • Shoman Taylor:

    My favorite song so far is Far from here or Delay, When i first heard Delay i had to download it and send it to my guitar play, my words just couldn't describe how impressed i was. I've showed all my friends you're music, keep up the great work man!

  • Todd:

    Hey man, absolutely love your tone!  Just curious, I have a me-70 and i've tried plugging the headphone out into the line in on my toneport and don't really like the sound i get, how do you connect the two?
    Also, how's that "you rock guitar"?  Just a toy or worth the money for recording.  I have a bunch of eastwest/quantum leap stuff and I've been toying with getting one of those.
    Thanks, and keep up the amazing work!

  • Joseph Triano:

    Hi matt, 
     I wanted to start by saying how much i love your songs.  Im into finger style playing but i'm just starting out.  The reason why i'm emailing you is because i was wondering what I could do to perfect that type of playing. I was taking lessons but I lost my job so I had to stop for a while.  Now i'm just trying to learn on my own.  I hope you can give me any helpful hints on what I can do.   Please don't say practice lol   everyone says that but I doing that already.

  • Laurel:

    I watched your youtube video of you playing a double neck – beautiful.  I have never seen anyone play half on one and half on the other.  But then, I don't play guitar.  I am looking at getting my son a double neck and am deciding between two guitars.  One is a used Danelectro and the other is a new Jay Turser.   Can you give me any advice?  The difference is at least $200, with the Danelectro the more expensive.  I want the best sound and guitar for the price.  The auction is ending soon, so I hope you can respond right away.  Thanks!

  • Hello Matt,
    since watching your videos on youtube, I've cancelled my order for a Chapman Stick and bought the C-8. I haven't got around to learning how to tap yet, but I will gradually incorporate it into my set. My problem is the same as yours – the need to do a proper job leaves very little time.
    Anyway, I have to say that I really enjoy your music. It stands out on so many different levels.
    Keep it up!

  • Hi
    Just wanted to let you know that I was doing a search on YouTube for Taylor guitars, and came across your fantastic performance of Out from Within. Truly wonderful track!! Now I'm on your site… it just gets better – love your stuff!!!

  • Ronnie Sokolov:

    Man, I'm so excited of your music! so much soul, passion! it make me think, what is very important. By the way, I'm from Belarus, may be you didn't even heard about this country, but now we know such great guitarist as You! I shared your music all my friends, which was very excited too) I'm guitarist too and I've got a great inspiration of you! God bless you!

  • Marcus Carvalho:

    What you do is not simply art, is pure magic…

  • Keith Pendegraph:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zL1n6YWSlnc  Matt check this out. Our practice room in basement. Right know we use, my bp90 bass effects processor for drums, just something we came up with messing around. Noticed NIrvana  shirt,, Like it ,,we do some of that also.. Man you have the talent,,,,Keith

  • Keith Pendegraph:

    Current setup is great..

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