Here are the tabs to my music. The Zip will include the MP3, GP5, GP6 and PDF (if applicable, GP5 does not support 8 string guitars) for each song purchased. Let me know if you want a .Wav file (uncompressed) and I will gladly send that to you. After payment, I will send the file over within 24 hours. Thanks again for the support. 


Megan's Song ( MP3, GP5, GP6 & PDF)…  $3.99

Changes (MP3, GP5, GP6 & PDF)…  $3.99

Time to Run (MP3, GP6 & PDF)…  $3.99

Out From Within (MP3, GP5, GP6 & PDF)…   $3.99

Inception (MP3, GP6 & PDF)…   $3.99