Finally got around to dedicating a room to music. I took some pictures. Hope you like it! It's much more comfortable now 🙂 Also got some new equipment.



Well, I have many guitars but here are the guitars/amps that I am currently fond of.


Schecter ATX C-8



This guitar is truly amazing, it's mostly thought of as a "metal guitar" but has a really nice clean tone. It comes loaded with locking tuners. Duncan Blackouts, Ebony fretboard and neck through design. My favorite guitar, no question.


Schecter C-1 Classic

A steal for the price. The fit and finish on this one is really great. It comes with Seymour Duncan pickups, locking tuners and a beautiful fret design. Great tone for both distortion and clean stuff.


Vox VT-50 Amp


Very cool amp. Nice tone, gets plenty loud and has tons of amp sims that I never use. Does what it's supposed to! I use it only for practice when I need to hear my guitar outside of my headphones.


Boss ME-70 Pedal


What a great pedal! I use only this pedal directly to my interface for all recording. The amp sims are amazing and it has a "retro" feel with analog knobs (which I like). It's built like a tank and can withstand a beating!


Well, that's what I am using currently. I have other guitars but they aren't really in use right now. Like I said, I use the Boss pedal directly into my Tascam interface and that's how I get my tone. I'm quite happy with such a simple setup. It does the job.


Just thought I would share some of my hobbies. One of my main hobbies is fish tank keeping. I've kept probably 20 tanks over the past few years. I really enjoy the tranquility of fish and the work it takes to keep them. Here are a couple pictures of tanks I've kept during the past few years. I've kept octopuses, full reef, live planted aquariums…. too many to even list. Take a look, let me know what you think!


24 Gallon Nano Cube


24 Gallon Nano Cube


200 Gallon Full Reef


200 Gallon Reef

Hey Guys, I am very excited to have my own website. Anyway to get my music out to more people is a good thing, right? Well, I don't have alot to say except I wanted to thank Ronald Jenkees for all of his support and getting me more exposure. He's the most amazing musician on YouTube and I think he's a really good guy also. If you haven't heard of him, you owe it to yourself to check out his music. He has a way of creating the most intricate melodies that are still amazing catchy. Well, I digress, take it easy guys and thanks for checking out my stuff. I'm working on a new one right now and it should be ready pretty soon.